Develop your NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity

Have you ever hit a game with a war-enclaved digital infrastructure? Many of us would be saying yes, because we have come across numerous games that involve ancient kingship and other factors like war, construction, and development, etc.

Some of the usual examples include Clash of the Clans, God of war, etc. But have you ever thought of a war enclaved and exciting NFT game? If you are not, then it is time for me to announce you to the best and popular NFT game - Axie Infinity.

ConnectionsBuild will help you to know more about Axie infinity and more about how to create an nft game like Axie infinity.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie infinity is the nft game that is developed similar to the pokemon. They are completely blockchain-enabled and it is the game where the players can play the game and collect tokens as rewards for their selections. It is more of an adventure game where the player can collect, breed, build a kingdom and defend against the enemies when the war comes, and so on. It is a lifestyle and responsibility-based game where you can collect and improvise your game and sell the game assets in the nft gaming marketplace and earn some real money.

The token they offer for your selection is Axies. It is a non-fungible token that is developed in a unique manner that you cannot simulate or duplicate. The axies present in the token are exclusive and they can be constructed into their advanced version by investing the gaming coins in them and once you develop them, you can trade them in the marketplace. The Axies are like pokemon who are born to battle.

If you are an entrepreneur, you would be inspired by the nft blockchain game like Axie Infinity. It is no wonder. You can launch your NFT game like Axie Infinity with the help of Axie Infinity clone script. Let us know about the axie infinity clone script.

Axie Infinity Tokenomics

1. ERC-20 token control

2. Maximum supply: 270 million axis

3. 50% in-game rewards and staking

4. 8% community growth

5. 20% to the team

6. 7% to the Advisors

7. 15% for the AXS private and public sales which took place at the end of 2020.

Axie Infinity clone script

Axie Infinity clone is a similar nft game constructed on the basis of the original Axie Infinity nft game. It is equipped with all the essential features and benefits that you can find in the original software. It is completely customizable that you can allow your users to breed, raise, and get them ready for the battle for expansion or for defense. The Axie clone script allows you to start your software with any token - be it Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum or Tron of any kind that the client requires. If you are an entreprenuer or startup and willing to get into the nft game, then you should definitely consider the Axie Infinity clone script as it is easy to start and prosper.

Axie Infinity Tokens

Axie infinity tokens are those tokens that are gifted for those players who play the game Axie Infinity. They are ERC-721 tokens that are running on the Ethereum blockchain that is rewarded to the players who play the game and earn huge rewards. There are two case scenarios when the tokens are provided - one - They award the users who interact with Axie Infinity tokens and two - the tokens are rewarded to those who have the axie infinity tokens rather than buy/sell them.

The prime focus of the Axie Infinity is to promote decentralization in the token universe. All the tokens in the Axie infinity game are fully decentralized and the players are awarded with axie tokens for their performance and holdings. Axie infinity provides Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) coins to the players as rewards. The players can redeem the reward for staking the tokens, playing the game, etc.

Some of the exclusive functionalities in the Axie infinity game are

1. Staking

2. Payment

3. Governance

How does Axie Infinity Clone Work?

1. Each user should install a crypto wallet to put or manage their NFTs for staking and other functionalities. Most probably, the Trustwallet is used. You can also install metamask wallets as per the business specifications.

2. The player must originally buy at least 3 axies in the ethereum to start playing their game. You can also purchase 3 eggs that can devise into axies.

3. Each axie is limited in its look and performance. You can induce them and allow them to battle against other axies to expand your empire. Through this, the player can win Small Love Portion (SLP) Tokens.

4. The Axies can hutch and bring in more axies. For that, you will have to get numeruos amounts of SLP tokens.

5. The users can earn the tokens through several ways - Earning utility tokens, earn through staking and pooling, SLPs, Sell it via the liquidity pools at the decentralized exchange platform, etc.

What about Axie Infinity Marketplace?

Axie Infinity Marketplace is the marketplace where you can sell or buy axie infinity resources and axies to boost your performance in the game. It is completely peculiar from that of other NFT marketplaces as it is exclusively used to trade on axie infinity resources. To start with the trading, you will need to have atleast 3 axies. A 4.25% marketplace fee would be charged from the seller to buy/sell in the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

Axie infinity marketplace uses the ethereum network to execute the transactions conducted in the marketplace.

Some of the limited functionalities in the Axie infinity game are

If you are about to launch your Axie Infinity clone, then you can add variuos payment methods as per your business requirements. But using metamask wallet for smaller transactions and binance or coinbase for larger transactions would be the best option.

Where to Get the Best Axie Infinity Clone for my NFT Gaming Business?

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