A ready-to-use cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance loaded with extra features, high-end technology tools, and security to launch your crypto trading platform immediately.

Binance clone script - Overview

Binance clone script is a ready-to-use, secure, customizable, and multi-tested clone script software that is a perfect replica of a popular cryptocurrency exchange - Binance. The software is scripted without infringing the patent violations of the original software imbibed with all the essential features of Binance

ConnectionsBuild offers instant, hassle-free, highly secure, and stable white label Binance clone script software and app for your crypto business. Our script is totally personalizable loaded with extra features and security options as per your business needs. It is developed and quality tested by skilled developers. Launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform with our business-specific Binance clone script software and app

White Label Binance Clone Script Development

ConnectionsBuild offers white label Binance clone script solutions contributing both centralized, decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange development solutions with customization options. Our software and app comprises of all the updated features of Binance including their Binance DEX and their smart chain solutions.

We have a team of skills who can develop the best defi wallet software for your crypto business. We use state-of-the-art technology tools to build the defi wallet and induct all the necessary features and security options to improve the functionality. Launch your ethereum backed decentralized wallet for your crypto business with ConnectionsBuild.

Binance Clone App Development

Binance app forms trading easier and so is our Binance clone app. Our Binance clone app is efficient, vigorous, customizable, and works perfectly for all kinds of mobile devices and operating systems. Take a look at the details that you will get in your Binance clone app to engage your traders and investors

User-friendly Dashboard

Multiple Trading Options

Biometric Authentication

Push up Notifications

Multi-lingual Assistance

Multiple Device Compatibility

Integrated Crypto Wallet

Geo-location Identification

Encrypted and Secure Withdrawal

Additional Security Options

Binance DEX Clone Script Development

Comfort your traders and investors with a non-intrusive decentralized crypto exchange platform like Binance. Our peer-to-peer crypto exchange platform grants the traders to trade regularly without any third-party interference. We offer numerous payment options with instant dispute resolution system to help the traders to manage their trades effectively. Our software is highly protected as we adopt 2F authentication, email verification of the trades, and other such privileged additional security options to keep your trades in check

  • Multiple SecurityLog-in Features
  • Encrypted Transaction
  • High Scalable Trading Engine
  • High-speed Transactions
  • Secure Escrow Account for Funds Management
  • Instant Dispute Resolution
  • Liquidity Integration
  • KYC and AML Verification
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Transaction History Blockchain-enabled

Binance Smart Chain Development

Binance smart chain is a parallel blockchain network that runs onward with the Binance. They have a secure smart contract functionality that runs consistently on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). BSC can run efficiently even if the Binance chain runs out offline

We, at ConnectionsBuild precisely analyzed and updated our Binance clone script software with Binance smart chain features. With our Binance smart chain feature, you can grant your users to easily stake and pool crypto coins in a distinct blockchain, swap the coins, or use it in the NFT marketplace for exchanging the digital collectibles

We provide customized Binance smart chain solutions for your Binance like cryptocurrency exchange platform that indulde features like

Business-specific Benefits of our Binance Clone Script

Start your crypto trading platform with our Binance clone script as it comes with numerous benefits


Our Binance clone script is personalizable at any stage of development and so you can modify, add or remove any of the features as per your business requirements

High Scalability

Binance can handle and manage nearly 150000 trades simultaneously and so our Binance clone script. You can enhance your scalability when the user base increases

Faster Transactions

All transactions in the Binance and Binance DEX are handled faster without any delay. This can guide your traders to grasp real-time trade without technical interruptions

Huge ROI

With our Binance clone script, you can produce more than one source of revenue - Trading fees, listing fees, transaction fees, freemium fees, Google Adsense, etc

Multiple Coin Listing

You can add or remove any number of altcoins and cryptocurrencies in your Binance clone script platform as per your business specifications

Multiple Payment Methods

We offer various deposit and withdrawal of payment options thereby simplifying traders to conduct their trades at a faster pace

Premium Features of our Binance Clone Script

  • High-performing Matching and Trading Engine

    Our Binance clone script is ratified by sensible matching and trading engines for conducting faster trades and scalable solutions
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet Integration

    We provide multi-cryptocurrency wallet integration thereby helping your users to store and manage cryptocurrencies
  • Peer-to-peer Trading

    Using the Binance DEX clone script, you can provide your users to conduct peer-to-peer transactions
  • Escrow Management

    We provide highly protected escrow management services for facilitating p2p trading
  • Admin Panel

    Monitor your real-time updates in your cryptocurrency exchange platform with our Binance clone script software
  • Liquidity Integration

    We develop and incorporated our Binance clone script software with liquidy management and market-making tools and features for effective functioning
  • Multi-lingual Assistance

    Our Binance clone software allows you to compete and engage with international traders and investors
  • Pooling and Staking Options

    Our Binance smart chain blockchain grants your users to pool, stake, or swap various cryptocurrencies
  • Order Book

    Our Binance clone software is encrypted with an updated and transparent order book that contributes to the visualization of all trades happening at that moment.
  • IEO Dashboard

    With our updated IEO dashboard, the user can build a fundraising platform instantly and develop capital for their business.

Security Features of our Binance Clone Script

2 Factor authentication

Multi-signature wallet

Cloudflare integration

Anti-DDoS protection

CSRF security

KYC and AML authentication

Microservice architecture

Time-restricted transactions (p2p)

How does our Binance Clone Script Work?

Our Binance clone script software and the app are formulated in a way to implement effective trading facilities to the users that can eventually lead to an increased user base

  • Monitor your real-time updates in your cryptocurrency exchange platform with our Binance clone script software.

  • After completing the email verification and mobile verification, the account will be activated where the user can progress with the 2FA authentication for further security.

  • Then the user should go through KYC and AML verification by submitting some documents before entering into the trading arena.

  • The withdrawal option would be activated only if the KYC is verified. The user has to deposit an basic sum of money into the trading account to start trading.

  • The user can also deal independently on a p2p platform with your Binance DEX platform.

  • If the user wants to trade in the NFT platform, the user can use the Binance Smart Chain blockchain

Why choose ConnectionsBuild for your Binance clone-based cryptocurrency exchange platform?

ConnectionsBuild has wide expertise in creating clone script software for crypto exchange platforms as per client’s specifications. Our skilled developers carefully inspect and develop the clone software and are ready for customizations at any part of the development. We have well delivered more than 50 projects. We are different from others as we work on customer satisfaction rather than on a mere service

  • Updated technology tools for developing the Binance clone software

  • Quality and Timely delivery

  • Customer support - 24/7

  • Ready-made binance clone software to start your business right away

Launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform with our productive and outstanding Binance clone script software and enthrall in your crypto business