To launch your DeFi Exchange on BSC.

Overview of Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is the first-ever food-based decentralized exchange that works perfectly on the Binance Smart Chain via AMM ( Automated Market Maker) and yields farming. It is one of the food-based tokens like Sushi swap. You can either exchange or convert your assets for the tokens or you can register to a liquidity pool and stake your coins for advance lottery winnings.


Launch your DeFi based decentralized exchange Like PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap clone script is a Decentralized finance-based exchange on BSC. Create a credible platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) boosting decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap with a PancakeSwap clone script. It is blockchain-powered and enpower with high-performing security and exchange API that runs adequately on AMM and Yield farming. Pancake clone script allows the users to collect on NFT’s and win exciting CAKE tokens rewards.

ConnectionsBuild, the DeFi development company, helps you to promote your error-free and tested Decentralized Finance based PancakeSwap exchange on the Binance Smart contract chain (BSC). Our Pancake Swap Clone Script advocate Automated Market Making, Yield Farming, Exchange, Crypto Staking, NFT, Liquidity Pools on Binance Smart Chain. We are skilled in crafting a perfect pancake clone script for your crypto business thereby enabling you to satisfy in crypto innovation instantly.

How does your Pancake Swap pursue for your users?

Pancake swap clone script is a emerging DeFi project in the market. It undergoes the following process:

  • Deliver cryptos that are maintained in liquidity pools.
  • Users can earn transaction fees by providing liquidity to the users.
  • AMM helps user to combine up buy/sell orders directly with alternative account in liquidity pools.
  • Liquidity pools are preserve by the users to deposit cryptos.
  • Users will acquire liquidity provider (LP) tokens and FLIP tokens.
  • Staking cakes help user to earn reward token using staking pools.


Automated Market Making

PancakeSwap clone script is created on the basis of automated market making. It help to seprate order books from the trading process.


It is the way of exchanging one value to another. Here, it is the process in which users can swap BEP-20 to gain a native Cake token. No bar for swapping tokens.

High Speed Transactions

The platform is qualify with a high-speed transaction management API which helps in validating transactions effectively within seconds.

Reduced Trading Fee

The uniqueness of Pancakeswap clone script is their decreased trading fees. It engages a huge user base for your software thereby familiarizing yield farming & AMM.


By collecting the tokens, users are allowed to add liquidity to the pools. Over this, users can stake & win lottery rewards that would be added in users dashboard.

Yield Farming

It is the procedure in which users can stake & farm tokens for that user will earn rewards. By staking & farming LP tokens, users can get cake tokens as a bonus.


Users can purchase a lottery to win rewards only if the number of lottery matches with winning lottery. Users need at least 1 cake token to participate in lotteries on the exchange.

Non-Fungible Tokens Provision

NFTs are created for the users by the BSC. If users have an NFT overdue, then can change them to NFT tokens and stake them in the liquidity pool.

Initial Firm Offerings

IFOs are a approach by which users can get newly introduced tokens using yield farming. They can use them to stake on the pool and earn bonuses.

Integrated Security Protocol

Our software is protected with integrated security protocols maintained & protected by global security protocol management firms like Certiks, Oracle security, etc.


With this, you can transmit any kind of decentralized digital assets like tokens from one blockchain to another without compromising their secure parameters.

Rewards for the users

Pancakeswap clone script offers flashy rewards to the users. So, you can offer the users devastating 2x rewards (minimum) to 20x rewards (Maximum) on BNB coin.

Benefits of PanCakeSwap Clone Script

  • Stake and Earn cryptocurrencies
  • Trade BEP20 tokens
  • By providing liquidity to the Exchange, User can earn fees
  • Earn Cake token by staking LP tokens
  • Earn reward by staking
  • Earn more cake token by staking cake token
  • Dynamic token pairing and creation
  • Congenial with all types of BSC wallets