Secure and safeguard your beneficial crypto assets, and maintain them most efficiently by procuring compelling cryptocurrency wallet development from our industry-best experts! Your security is our top priority.

Cryptocurrency wallet development company

In the physical world, most of us use wallets where we store cash to carry them around expertly and keep them safe from theft. A cryptocurrency wallet serves a common purpose in the cryptosphere. With the volume and maintainance of cryptocurrencies ever-growing and the demand intensifying, a multiple cryptocurrency wallet has become an absolute necessity for users. A cryptocurrency wallet enables smooth and secure transactions and efficient storage of multiple cryptocurrencies. To be definite, it is not just a storage space, but more than that with a key. It monitors the balance of the users and records transactions and organize many other purposes. Cryptocurrency exchanges that come along with an incorporated secure, interactive, and user-friendly wallet have more competing advantages than the ones that don't.

As a pioneer cryptocurrency and blockchain development company, ConnectionsBuild constitute of a broad team of highly skilled experts with an experience that is second to none. Our developers owns the ability to offer any type of cryptocurrency wallet development for startups to large enterprises, with utmost importance to support and security. We are committed to broad research, efficiency and providing you the best solutions possible and we extend support for both web and mobile wallets, to help you with an optimized and effective business experience, and step up your game in the competitive market.

Core Advantages of Our Multi-cryptocurrency Wallet

Integration of Multiple Cryptocurrencies

The number of cryptocurrencies in the market is constantly thriving with each day and each of them comes along with their own unique characteristics, ecosystem, and advantages. A cryptocurrency wallet helps you store and deal with various cryptocurrencies and transactions in an efficient and secure manner.

Automated Detection of Duplicate Payments

Cryptocurrency wallets are end-to-end encrypted and have the capability to identify duplicate payments. They do not accept charge-backs to secure the wallet from being prone to fraudulence. Additionally, they also enable 2FA which protect secures the users’ funds.

Automated Session Logout

To further enhance the protection, every single session in a cryptocurrency wallet logs out automatically after a specified time period to keep the funds and the users’ accounts more safe and secure.


Every cryptocurrency has its own constraints set, and will contain after it hits a particular value. As the quantity of the cryptocurrencies cannot increases a certain value, it helps you store and move them around for trades without being concerned by price inflation.

Our Broad Cryptocurrency Wallet Features

Multi-Device Compatibility

Our cryptocurrency wallet is migrated with multi-OS( operating system) support, and is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. It helps you protect and efficiently access your funds from anywhere, any device.

Most Used Addresses

Our cryptocurrency wallet shows the most used and readily-available wallet address to users for quick and easy access.

Auto Denial of Payments

We ensure our multiple currency wallet has the capability to detect and deny duplicate payments to prevent users and the wallet from being prone to any fraudulent activity.

Two-Factor Authentication

The multiple currency wallet developed by our experts is enabled with two- factor authentication to ensure the user authorization and access to the wallet are protected.

Integrated QR Code Scanner

To simplify the transfer of your cryptos to another wallet, we have incorporate a QR code scanner into our cryptocurrency wallet that automatically scans users’ wallet addresses.

User-Friendly Interface

Our cryptocurrency wallet is created of an interactive, user-friendly interface that is congenial for both beginners and experienced crypto users.

Paper Wallet Development

We also offer paper wallet development solutions to support users efficiently scan and process paper digital currencies.

Real-time Swapping

With our real-time swapping functionality, users can almost instantly swap one crypto for another, without any fiat currency as an intermediary in a seamless manner.

Robust Security

Our cryptocurrency wallet is migrated with multi-layer security protocols to ensure secure, risk-free management and exchange of cryptos for users.

Conversion Rates

Our cryptocurrency wallet is up-to-date, and shows the updated cryptocurrency values to users in a timely manner.

Push Notifications

We ensure to regularly notify our cryptocurrency wallet users regarding the transactions that take place and the changes in the values of cryptocurrencies.

Favorable logout session

We migrate an automated mechanism into the multiple currency wallet that logs out users automatically from the account after a specified period of time.

Our Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

With our vast experience and expertise in the field, we will guide you through and devlop every type of crypto wallet that brings in numerous advantages for your business and help you achieve your goals most efficiently and effectively. Our wide range of cryptocurrency wallet development utilities include,

Web Wallet

A web wallet is a crypto wallet that prevail online. Users can send, receive, or store their cryptocurrencies with the web wallet linked to a web browser and the internet. We develop secure web wallets for your cryptos with advanced features,and user-interface, and top-of-the-line security. The advantages of our web wallet are as below,

  • Enables quicker transactions
  • Enables efficient management of multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Ideal to store minimal cryptocurrencies
  • Simple and convenient to use on the go

Mobile Wallet

A mobile wallet is essentially an application you use on your smartphone. A mobile wallet can also be quickly and easily connected from anywhere at any time like a web wallet with an internet connection. Our knowledgeable experts created secure mobile wallets with both iOS and Android compatibility, storage of multi-currencies, enhanced features, and security for stable performance. Other benefits are,

  • Efficient access to funds and quick transactions
  • Enables biometric authentication
  • Integrated QR code scanner
  • NFC( Near Field Communication) Support

Desktop Wallet

A desktop cryptocurrency wallet is used to store the private keys of users’ cryptos securely on a computer. A desktop wallet offers enhanced security and is more difficult to hack or steal. Our experts created stable, customizable desktop wallets that help you safeguard your crypto assets. The key benefits include,

  • Enhanced security
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ability to operate without internet connectivity
  • Users’ private keys not being stored on a third-party server

Hardware Wallet

A hardware cryptocurrency wallet is a type of bitcoin wallet that stores the users’ private keys in a safety hardware device. Here, the private keys are often stored on a protected microcontroller and it cannot be moved out of the device on plaintext. Other advantages are,

  • Easier to store cryptocurrencies on a long-term basis
  • Enhanced security

Our Blockchain Wallet Development Methodology

Having employed a team of blockchain experts with latest knowledge and experience, we ensure result-oriented blockchain wallet development services that will help you with safe, successful business. We make sure to provide an individual approach to each client to understand their unique requirements and cater to them.

Initial Ideation and Communication

We will work precisely with you to understand your ideas, and unique requirements and we will together discuss the plans regarding your blockchain wallet development and come up with a more enhanced structure.

Market Analysis

Our knowledgeable experts will provide deep analysis and figure out the feasibility of your project, the essential features required, functional and non-functional needs etc.

Creating Attractive User Interface

Our highly experienced and skilled set of developers will create an attractive, intuitive, and user-friendly interface for both web and mobile applications, and fitting both experienced and novice users for an enhanced and optimized business experience.

Blockchain Wallet Development

We have seasoned blockchain created with us with in-depth knowledge of the technology who will ensure vigorous front-end and back-end support and a smoothly functioning wallet that helps you sustain and reach your end goals effectively.

Maintenance and Post-Launch Support

We do not stop with the successful creation of your blockchain wallet. We are available 24/7 to support you with your post-launch maintenance as well, and ensure you not only get ahead but always remain ahead of your competition.

Why should you Hire cryptocurrency wallet developers?

Creating a cryptocurrency wallet or a blockchain wallet involves a lot of intricacies, security factors, and a ton of processs that will cost you a lot of time and money. Whereas, hiring skilled cryptocurrency wallet developers makes the whole process easier for you. It ensures more reliability, protection, efficiency, and all-inclusive, quick solutions at reasonable prices. Such developers will offers solutions comprising,

Generating private keys and managing them

Creating crypto wallet addresses

They can also link their wallet addresses with their accounts

Enabling transaction history

Monitoring crypto balances