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A Peer-to-peer exchange or generally referred to as P2P exchange, is a type of exchange that expedite the trades directly between the trading parties involved. P2P exchanges provide several gains over other types of exchanges, but the main drawing point of a P2P exchange is the expulsion of a central authority to oversee transactions.

Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, are facinating a lot of users as they promise anonymity, decentralization, and better stores of value.

The transactions in P2P exchanges take place precisely between the buyer and the seller. Peer-to-peer transactions are highly protected, tamper-proof, and efficient. They provide a great degree of speed over classical exchanges, making them the perfect choice for speedy transactions.

ConnectionsBuild provides completely personized P2P development solutions built per the latest industry specifications and innovative technology. Get the best P2P crypto exchange software in the market by collaborating with us.

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What is a Peer-to-peer crypto exchange?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system like the bitcoin network is one that functions on a cryptographic standards built for security, clarity, and independence from a central authority. P2P Bitcoin exchanges allow users to come together to deal directly with each other. It does match buyers with sellers but rather matches users with complimentary requirements.

How To Use P2P Crypto Exchange Platforms For Trading?

Peer-to-Peer exchanges allow users to trade cryptocurrencies instantly and considerably, without any issues.

  • Step 1

    First, the buyers and sellers need to register on the P2P exchange.

  • Step 2

    They also need to validate themselves by completing the KYC.

  • Step 3

    They can also combine their wallet addresses with their accounts.

  • Step 4

    Buyer and sellers can browse current orders on the platform, or create their own.

  • Step 5

    User can prefer an order they like and proceed with the transaction.

  • Step 6

    Users have to outright the payment or deposit the asset within the specified time limit.

  • Step 7

    To preserve users against fraud, the escrow option can be used to transfer assets on the P2P exchange.

  • Step 8

    Users can also chat with each other using the messaging option to research and bargain new prices.

Premium Features Included In Our Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange Software

Our solutions arrive with inventive features that enhance the user’s experience!

Escrow Option

An anti-fraud system where users can store their cryptocurrency and funds in an escrow account.

Top-notch Security

Protect users with multiple levels of security by employing distinct protocols that promise a safe user experience.

Easy Registration

Users can register themselves using their social media accounts and log onto the platform with serenity.

2FA Option

Enable another layer of security by querying users for an OTP when logging in or completing transactions.

Price Tracker

Users can immediately view the latest prices of cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and more.

Simplified Payments

Hassle-free checkout is guaranteed as our P2P exchange solutions support different choice like debit/credit card, net banking, crypto, wallets, and more.

Search Options

Finding orders that match your specifications and budget is made easy with a seamless search and filter engine.

Review System

Users can rate their skills and other participants on the platform, thus singling out scamsters and improving the ecosystem.

Additional Features of our P2p Exchange Platform

Preferred trader selection

Sellers can choose the specific buyer for crypto trades and vice versa.

Atomic Swap

With the atomic swap function, traders can trade one cryptocurrency for another smoothly.

Quick KYC/AML Verification

The ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) and ‘Anti Money Laundering’ (AML) features help protect the principle of the exchange.

4. Powerful Matching Engine

Our high-performance matching engine adequately matches buyers and sellers in a streamlined fashion.

Dispute Management

A vigorous dispute management system enables highly effective dispute resolutions between parties.

Multi-factor Authentication

Both the admin and the users are administered with multi-factor authentication to boost the security of the exchange.

Supports Multi-Cryptocurrency

Our P2P crypto exchange supports various cryptocurrencies, providing a great deal of resilience and integration.

Privacy Sustenance

We uphold the principles of privacy and security accomplice with cryptocurrencies with the highest degree of regulatory compliance.

How does a Peer to Peer cryptocurrency exchange work?

Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange fulfills the differences left by classical cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead of matching trades as to the order book, P2P crypto exchanges match the people who forms the orders directly. When the system finds an integral match between a buyer and the seller, instead of facilitating the trade like traditional exchanges, it instead matches both the parties precisely. This grants the buyer and the seller to set their own terms and conditions and come to a contract.

The only point of intermediary between the seller and the buyer is when there is a disapproval. This intervention is automated, and no human communication is involved. It is a highly secure, private, decentralized way of organizing business.

We Follow A Comprehensive Peer-to-Peer Exchange Development Process

Our team practices an expert and rapid development methodology that guarantees results


Our team collates all your specifications and drafts a list of deliverables along with a roadmap


The peer-to-peer exchange advancement phase is in full swing, and different modules are being created

Ideation and Research

We work meticulously with you to understand your individual requirements, and our dedicated research team will analyze the feasibility of your project and the latest functionalities and tools to implement in the exchange.


The team will begin work on testing the platform and locating bugs or glitches that can hamper the user experience.


The final product is dropped for your inspection, and our team will install the P2P exchange on your servers.


As your business grows, you can approach us to renew and enhance the P2P cryptocurrency exchange.

Benefits You Recieve by Choosing our P2P Crypto Exchange

Institutional-grade security

Keeping your transactions safe and protect is our number one priority. We employ the latest technologies and multiple security standards to protect the exchange from all manner of threats.

Lightning speed transactions

Keeping in line with the rapid aspect of P2P exchanges, we have built our exchange to knob lightning-quick transactions with ease and efficiency.

Self-explanatory interface

Our fully automated P2P exchange is tested by a highly intuitive user interface that is very self-analytical and comfortable for the users.

Quick time-to-market

We know the priority of getting into the market as quickly as possible. We guarantee a swift development process that does not compromise on quality or security.


Our P2P crypto exchange is built with the objective of scalability in mind. The exchange can be easily extent as per your business needs.

Built by blockchain experts

At ConnectionsBuild, we hire only the most experienced and skilled developers in the market. This is reflected in the work we do and the kind of our finished products.