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Expert-level LocalBitcoins Clone Script Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Launch your cryptopreneurship with an outstanding P2P ads based cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins instantly. We have a ready-to-use, customizable and reliable Localbitcoins clone script software that can help you to start your crypto business immediately. Our LocalBitcoins clone script clones the functionality of the original software with unique features that you can add as per your business requirements

We have a solid team of skilled members who can support you to create an effective P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins. We follow a definite development strategy to create our LocalBitcoins clone script software. Launch your business with our high-performing, secure and trustworthy LocalBitcoins clone script

LocalBitcoins Clone App Development

LocalBitcoins clone app is an accurate clone of the LocalBitcoins app that offers multiple features with a stunning UI. We, at ConnectionsBuild, administer you business specific LocalBitcoins clone app with customizable features and security options. Our LocalBitcoins clone app would guide your users to trade and manage their account easily. Some of our notable features comprise

  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Amazing UI features
  • Merchant features
  • Trading options
  • Real time data feed
  • Instant buy/sell features
  • Security features - 2FA
  • Transaction history

Benefits of our LocalBitcoins clone script software

ConnectionsBuild consist of instant LocalBitcoins clone script based solutions in a prompt manner to help startups and entrepreneurs to start a well-performing cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins. There are numerous benefits of starting your cryptocurrency platform like LocalBitcoins with us

  • 100% Open source code
  • Multiple trading options
  • Instant transactions
  • More than 200 cryptocurrencies supported
  • Multiple security features
  • Customizable software & app
  • Multi-lingual assistance
  • Multiple compatibility
  • High scalability
  • Security features

Exclusive features of our LocalBitcoins clone script

Secured Escrow management

Our LocalBitcoins clone script has a highly protected. Escrow system enabled with Multi-sig security to prevent theft and hacking during transactions.

OTC trading

We offer the OTC trading facility in our clone software providing traders to trade offline and transact cryptocurrencies without any interruptions locally.

Margin trading

Allow your traders to trade with a satisfactory investment by offering margin trading options to the traders and investors in your platform

Integrated chat box

Allow your users to interact during transactions that helps them to facilitate transactions more effectively. This will ignore miscommunication leading to dispute resolution.

No interference

Our Localbitcoins clone software and app is a P2P platform that grant your users to transact and exchange cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa without intervention of third parties except dispute resolution.

Crypto staking

Your users can stake cryptocurrencies and earn exciting rewards and offers. We offer unique staking options and rewards for your users based on the active participation in the staking process.

Token listing

Any user can lineup their crypto token in the exchange with the help of the token listing process in your cryptocurrency exchange platform and boost liquidity.

No limitations

There are no limitations or arrangements in trading cryptocurrencies or exchanging crypto to fiat or vice versa. So, users can trade without any third party conflicts.

Quicker transactions

Any user can transact or exchange cryptocurrencies within a portion of seconds as our LocalBitcoins clone script has high liquidity and TPS.

Bounty programs

Allow your users to find out any bugs or errors in the cryptocurrency exchange program and address to the admin that would attract amazing bounties and offers.

Affiliate Program

Users can compete in the Affiliate program and earn rewards and bounties for the number of friends they refer to your P2P cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins.

Customization features

Our LocalBitcoins clone script is immerse with customization features that you can modify your clone software according to your business requirements.

How does our LocalBitcoins clone script work?


First of all, a user should register in your Localbitcoins like cryptocurrency exchange platform to start the trade. You can register with either your mobile number or your email id

KYC/AML verification

The user will have to authenticate his KYC. Our LocalBitcoins will provide you with the automated , fastest verification properties that guides your user to get into trade immediately after verification

Initiate your order

The user can start his trading process by posting an advertisment regarding the buying/selling process by indicating the quantity of asset, location and payment methods, etc

Escrow system

When a trade gets started, the escrow will be initialized where the payment and the coins will be in the escrow system until the trade concludes.

Dispute resolution

If there occurs any problem regarding the transaction, the admin can intrude in the matter and resolve the dispute.

Why Choose ConnectionsBuild for your LocalBitcoins Clone Script Development?

ConnectionsBuild is a eminent blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange development company with high specialization towards handling clone script solutions to startups and entrepreneurs. Our LocalBitcoins clone script is one of the best and evident cryptocurrency clone script software that is completely customizable, stable and secure. We use state-of-the-art technology solutions to build our LocalBitcoins clone script software and app and hence it is the most demanded software among the clone script software solutions. We are exclusive and stand away from our competitors because of our virtues that include

Skilled team members

We have an skilled team of professionals who are experience in crafting Localbitcoins clone script in a professional and business specific way.

Faster Deployment

We help you to launch your LocalBitcoins like cryptocurrency exchange platform within a small duration of time. The time may contradict based on the installations and customization options that the business prefers.

Create your native coin

With LocalBitcoins clone script, you can build your own native token in your exchange and help your traders about it.